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Polish-Irish Educational Association

The main goal of PIEA is to promote Polish and European culture and multilingualism with an emphasis on the integration of Polish communities with the local Irish community and other nationalities, cultural, religious and minority groups.
PIEA activities are aimed at:

• promotion of Polish and Irish culture, history and art.

• teaching Polish, history, geography of Poland and other foreign languages ​​in the form of courses for children, adolescents and adults.

• cooperation with educational and cultural organizations in Ireland.

• organization of trainings, fairs, music, dance and theater festivals, concerts, artistic exhibitions, scientific and cultural meetings, seminars, conferences on topics related to the main goal of the Association.

• organization of camps, camps, summer schools, courses, trainings and sports camps. • publication of books, magazines, brochures on history, culture, European integration, globalization and changes in mass culture.

• promoting PIEA activities in the press, radio, television and the Internet.P

(Polish – Irish Educational Association CLG)  registered in Ireland, Reg. No 557734.
Charity Reg. No (RCN): 20102371
CHY No: 21675; CRO No: 557734

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